Welcome to BeBalanced

We are a team of Georgia Tech students designing a solution for elderly with balance issues

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Design Inputs that Guided Our Process

Reduce risk of falling sideways

Provide equal or greater stabilization during rotational motion as currently provided during forward motion

Establish Independence

Remove need for secondary user assistance to sit or stand by providing a statistically significant recovery force during rocking motions

Require Low Effort

Does not cause fatigue. The weight of walker and any attachments is less than 10 pounds

Be Unobtrusive

Combined frame of walker and attachments is less than 29” in order to avoid significantly increasing the frame of the person

Maintain Original Benefits of Device

No statistically significant decrease of moment resistance in any direction

Validate Progress with Feedback

Continually go back to the users and adjust during the process to ensure that the device is something users want



Milestones Over the Course of Our Design Process

  • Main Prototypes
  • Divergent Paths
  • Iteration
  • Converged Designs
  • Final Design

Knee Joint Assistance

Springs compensate muscle atrophy

Improved Knee Joint Assistance

Modelled on a more realistic knee joint

Increased User Buoyancy

Reduce work required to balance

Increased Shoe Area

Change moment required to fall

Spring Compensation

Shift center of mass using springs

Angled Spring Compensation

Apply force at an appropriate angle

Traction Increase

Prevent slipping

Spring Shoe Attachment

Looks like model for user feedback

Walker Spring Attachment

Transition to attachment for usability

Leaf Attachment

Result of combing our previous prototypes

Final Engineering Details

What does our device do?


% Increase in forward stabilization already provided


% Increase in rotational resistance to falls provided by device


% Increase in unweighted rotational stability i.e. sitting/standing


Million individuals who are now able to age in place

Final Design

The result of all of the previous prototypes

Assembly Exploded View

Rendered Model

Leaf Stabilizer Factor of Safety Analysis

Clip Factor of Safety Analysis

Additional Figures